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 What is LikesXL?

The digital revolution is shaping our social structures, changing economic processes along the value chain and bringing new business opportunities. Setimo International FZE is an international group of companies specializing in the marketing of online portals. The company is primarily active in the advertising, auctions, gaming and sports betting fields. The blockchain business has already started to appear together with the subdivisions of cryptocurrency, mining, smart contract, and the development of a working cryptocurrency ecosystem for cryptocurrencies (wallets, acceptance points, merchant solution, ATM, etc.). 

What is LikesXL? 
LikesXL is an affiliate system that distributes commissions, which are obtained from advertising revenues of merchants / producers or service providers, and revenues, which come from cryptocurrency trading, to a large extent to its affiliates / members and retains only a small portion for the platform's operation. Affiliate systems are internet-based sales methods, in which a commercial provider usually compensates his merchant partners through commissions. Why are these merchants paying the commissions? Quite simply - LikesXL offers the possibility to show the merchant's advertisement to a great number of people. This increases the chance of his products being seen, perceived and possibly bought not only in his own country, but also worldwide. By making the distribution of the commissions to the partners as broad as possible, LikesXL manages to ensure that many people around the world don't just watch the advertisements every day, but also that these potential customers stay on the website and come back to it later. That's why LikesXL is interesting for many merchants!